Recently Added Nursery Rhymes and Poems

  • My teacher loves her ipod

    My teacher loves her ipod

    She doesn't mind if we joke or chat because she can't hear.
  • Happiness


    Happiness is a great feeling that enters your mind . Happiness takes the sorrow away . Happiness fills you life with joy.
  • Beauty of God's creation

    Beauty of God's creation

    Thank you, Dear Lord, for giving me another day, To enjoy the beauty of Your Creation, And to worship You and pray.
  • Love is Precious

    Love is Precious

    Love is precious, do not loose it, Love is special, hold onto it, Love is all around you.
  • Roses are Red

    Roses are Red

    Roses are red, Violets are blue,
  • Animals living together with love

    Animals living together with love

    Creatures in the woodlands, creatures in the sky,and creatures in the streams and fields, creep, and swim and fly
  • We are going on a trip

    We are going on a trip

    Quiet, now. Don’t make a peep. Baby brother’s fast asleep. I’m as quiet as a mouse … And here we are--at Grandma’s house!
  • Apples ,apples

    Apples ,apples

    Apples, apples Tasty as can be. Apples, apples Share one now with me!
  • Night dreams

    Night dreams

    I see a chasm down below. and slowly toppling, down I go.
  • Falling asleep

    Falling asleep

    I struggle, wrestle through the night, then, finally, at dawn’s first light: as sunbeams ’cross my window creep, I shudder twice and fall asleep.
  • Restaurant


    It's sure to make you smile. We pile our peas up mountain high. One cookie hides the moon. We pour our iced tea into boats. We hope you'll visit soon.
  • Flying to school

    Flying to school

    She laughed with glee, yelled, “Look at me!” and turned and flipped up there! What happened then’s a legend. I had to tell my teacher, “NO FLYING ALLOWED AT SCHOOL!”
  • Autumn Season

    Autumn Season

    Always remember to keep a few, So you can create a picture or two. When all is done, and snow has begun, Pictures remind you of all the fall fun.
  • Soccer ball

    Soccer ball

    Flipping end over end. Pound the hard ground. A ball with no friend.
  • Race


    My running slows. He slows down, too. I think he knows… I just can’t catch him. I admit defeat. My shadow’s so fast, He can’t be beat!
  • Cooking cooking

    Cooking cooking

    The Cherry-Whipped Cream Stew.) From Pickle-Pudding-Applesauce To Salsa-Cottage Cheese, I find the special combo That is guaranteed to please! I served up Pepper-Chocolate Milk, And Orange-Peanut Glop … I once surprised my Grandma With a frosted Ketchup Pop! The pantry and the spice rack
  • Dragon


    Bu tried to feed him watermelon pie, But that, he said, he wouldn’t try. So I tried to feed him sprinkle cake, But he said that would keep him awake. I tried to feed him last night’s dessert, But he said it made his stomach hurt. So I tried to feed him some fish, But he really didn’t like that dish. Then I tried to feed him cheese, That’s when he said “more please.” Now my mom is wondering why, We can’t keep cheese in the house. I heard her last night telling Dad, She thinks we have a mous
  • Coffee and tea

    Coffee and tea

    Milk and cocoa come to me, I'll drink you and be strong Then to school march along.
  • Road safety lights

    Road safety lights

    Some drive scooters and some drive cars Buses and rickshaws move through the hours.All day and night, they drive along With head lights off and on. Traffic rules are there to obey And go on, go on every day.
  • Our Babu

    Our Babu

    Into a bare handful of bones and skin, Pour just an ounce or so of flesh and blood..


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